Monday, April 4

A Package from Japan {Tavolo Tavola}

Happy Monday everyone!

We had a lovely weekend here in Singapore with a beautiful sun... on schedule was a shift of bedroom for the kids {we moved Mathias back in his bedroom}, a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and we had friend over at our place yesterday for lunch {which means yummy food --> various spreads with fresh bread + French casserole + chocolate cake + wines}. Then we lazily spent the rest of the afternoon by the pool --> Happy ME!!!

Last Friday night I received a lovely package from Japan - another surprise from my dear friend Mai... We have known each other for nearly 10 years {time flies...} and we met in Florence while studying Italian. We have seen each other a couple of times since then in Japan and then in Bangkok. And in between we exchanged numerous letters and packages... trying to impress each other with new packaging ideas, little gifts and sweet words... on top of being such a wonderful friend, Mai is also a great cook and a very creative person {photography, graphic design, interior decoration...}. She is a true inspiration!

Mai has recently opened her own little shop called Tavolo Tavola in the city where she's currently living with her husband Mitsuo and her puppy Luca {in Fukui - West Coast of Japan}. She's selling a selection of Japanese antique and vintage dishes, her own handmade soaps, paper goods etc... all things she's passionate about! Her shop must be a delightful place to visit, and I can only wish for making a trip back to Japan a reality soon... Good luck Mai, good luck Japan!

With Love,

Credits: all goods from Tavolo Tavola / photos by Etincelle Creative STUDIO (myself)


Cookie Cutter said...

Fukui-Ken! My other hometown!! Wish I knew Mai when I was there.

Marie Maglaque said...

She's a sweetie! you would like her I am sure ;)

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