Wednesday, March 9

Project {The Handmade Hullabaloo}

I am so excited to introduce you a new project I am contributing to: The Handmade Hullabaloo. Wonderful Ann from Little Red Bus has been day dreaming of starting such project for a while and it's a dream come true with the first post going live on Monday 14th of March! Bravo Ann :)
Oh and in the meantime she also managed to give birth to her first baby Keith... talk about a woman here!

But I am sure you would like to know more about it: how-to, tutorial posts, free printables, moodboards, nursery decoration, pretty parties for kids, baby showers etc.. You see what I mean?

Join the fun and bring your own contribution, comments, ideas and photos (yes!) on Facebook here. We would love to hear from you too!

Now hold on, I would like to introduce you fellow contributors. Go get some inspiration by visiting the websites/ blogs/ pages and shops! and don't forget to say hello :)

:: Emily from White Room Events :: Alex and Renee from The Inspired Occasion ::
:: Amy from Giggleberry Creations :: MamaJ from Mum in the Making ::
:: Rebecca from Children Inspire Design  ::
and of course
 :: Ann from Little Red Bus ::
oh, yes, and me
:: Marie from Etincelle Creative Studio ::

So, are we going to see you all on Monday for the official launch of The Handmade Hullabaloo?


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