Wednesday, March 2

Oh, and by the way...

... this was the photography I submitted for The Shutter Divas... last week's challenge was to photograph still life from above......

Now here are the stories behind some of the pieces I chose:

I made the pink heart in felt as a name tag for my daughter's Christmas present. On the other side of the heart is her name {Chloe}. Last week I finally used it with pompoms to decorate her bedroom windows... I will share pictures of my children bedroom very soon {be patient}.

The little square paper was hand cut from one of my wedding invitations {I have a bunch left that I am re-using to make garlands, cards etc...}.

The two white figurines were given to my daughter by my Mum last January... they are very precious to me as we have been using them since I was a kid for the galette des rois { January 6 ~ Epiphany: they are hidden in the cake made for the occasion and whoever find one becomes the queen/ king of the day}.

And the piece of crochet is an antique from my grand-mother... I can't quite remember if she made it herself or not {she is very good at crochet}.

I am now editing a photo of my own children for this week's challenge: Childhood! I will of course share it with you next week!


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