Monday, March 21

Interior Inspiration {House of Claire Lefort}

Hello! how was your weekend? I was alone with my children and had a great time as I had planned  many activities... we were outdoors a lot and it makes such a difference!

I wanted to share with you a recent discovery of mine: the beautiful house of French fashion designer Claire Lefort of Noro. I am receiving the online newsletter of Milk Magazine {a children magazine}and her house was featured in the last one. I love how she is mixing different styles and the use of very dark colors. Her chandeliers are also very impressive! ... and have a closer look at the floors...

Details of Claire Lefort's house in Paris
{Photographer unknown}

What's in store for me this week? I am looking forward to it!
How about you?


Anonymous said...

That's my kind of house! I've seen it somewhere but lost the link. Thank you for posting it :) Anna, xxx

ann thomas :: said...

Loving the baby room! Thanks for sharing it with us =)

Marie said...

Thank you ladies!
@Anna: I had pinned them on Pinterest, maybe that were you saw them?
@Ann: I would not dare to put such dark furnitures in a baby room, but it totally works here!

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