Tuesday, February 22

The Shutter Divas

I have been part of this group on Flickr since it was created at the end of last year, and I can't believe I am going to submit my first photo only this week!

I am talking about The Shutter Divas, by talented  photographer Christina Greve of Divas and Dreams.
As she put it herself:
"Every week I will share a word - a prompt for you to work with or give you a creative challenge. This group is about having fun while learning and inspire each other. The weekly assignments will be announced every Sunday on my blog Divas and Dreams. Images submitted into this pool may be featured on the Divas and Dreams blog to inspire others. I will always link back to you. Let´s create and have some fun ladies!"

This week's assignment is about "shooting a still life from above". More about the challenge here.

It's part of my resolutions this year to be more active in the groups I am part of, and not just look at other's artwork...

I am currently working on it, and this is a picture I have taken this morning and edited. I am not completely finished with the other pictures and I will have to choose which one to submit to the group. I still have a few days though and I want to take my time..

Are you part of this group or any other group that get you to experiment the field of photography? are you tempted to join us at The Shutter Divas? I hope to see you there!


Merissa Revestir said...

Aloha Marie!
The blog is looking so pretty!
I've heard a little of the Shutter Divas. I will check out the link you provided. Looks like a fun project! I wanna improve my photography too. xo

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi Merissa! thanks for stopping by... Check out the group on Flickr, it's fun and interesting :) You are already a very good photograph (I think)..

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