Monday, February 7

{New in Store}

Hello everyone!

Our long break for Chinese New Year is over, it was great! we had a really good time, including a little birthday cake for my son who turned one last Saturday. We are having a much bigger party this coming Saturday for both kids (they were born in February), I am working on it and will share with you my tips next week (hopefully the party will turn out great!)

In the meantime I have been working hard the past two weeks to fill up my Etsy shop with new goodies... here is a glimpse at what is currently in store with more new designs coming in in the coming weeks. The little pouches are quite popular, I am so happy about it!

You can use them as jewelry or make up pouches, and I have even used mine as an evening purse! They all come in cotton fabric with different prints. All are fabrics that I have shopped around Asia while travelling :)
Contact me if you are interested in one of them...

Also I would like to remind you that there is a giveaway going on... to win one of the pouches! please visit my previous post here for details, and don't forget to leave me a comment to qualify!

Have a good week everyone :)


Olivia said...

Salut Marie,
Nicole m'a offert une de tes pochettes...j'ai beaucoup aime, et je l'utlise aussi comme pochette du soir!
Dommage que la poste ici ne 'fonctionne' pas bien, ou sinon je t'en aurais commande un parmi tes nouveaux, peut etre que je peux voir avec la prochaine fois que Paul sera a Singapore! Ton sac a beaucoup de succes ne tarie pas d'eloges!!
Bisous ma belle....keep up the good work!

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