Thursday, February 24

Kids Room Inspiration

I am moving my two kids in the same room this weekend, and I have been browsing the web (special thank you to Pinterest) for inspiration. I have a special crush for garlands (paper garlands being my favorites) and cute mobiles.
This is what I currently have in mind:

1. I absolutely love this mobile made of crochet (left), and I will surely make one decoration with Chinese paper lantern (right) as I have many left from the birthday party.

Source: I can't figure out where is the image on the left coming from; right via Pinterest

2. The idea of the magnet hack for storing the little cars is just brilliant and so cool! I almost can't wait for my little boy to have many cars so that I can install one.
I need a shelf for my kids growing collection of book; a rug would be nice too to snuggle and play somersault.

Source: via Pinterest here and here

3. I currently keep all the dress up clothes in a "treasury box" but it would be cool to hang them on a rack, wouldn't it? and the little table with all the craft supplies is another great idea! you can't see it completely here, but the table is big enough for two kids to sit side by side... lovely!

Source: via Pinterest here and here

After a few months I always feel it's time for a change and I want to redecorate my children's room (it doesn't happen so often for the other rooms as they are work in progress...). The challenge this time is to create an environment where both kids can play, sleep and relax together...
Stay tuned for photos and comments of how the move went and how kids are adjusting to it!


Anna said...

Très joli le mobile au crochet... le reste aussi d'ailleurs.

Marie Maglaque said...

Merci Anna! Bon weekend :)

{ to be charmed } said...

Love these ideas!

Marie Maglaque said...

Thanks Elizabeth for stopping by ;)

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