Monday, January 17

Pink snow

Should I talk more about my family over here at Etincelle Creative Studio?
A good friend of mine wrote me yesterday that most of my readers would probably be interested in knowing about my other blog, Frimousse, where I mostly - if not only - write and post pictures about my family and our life here in Singapore.

My daughter Chloe enjoying the snow in France 

I enjoy documenting our activities and so far it's the best way I've found to keep both our families and friends up to date with what's going on over here (my husband is from Australia, I am from France/ Switzerland).

So here we go: if you'd like to know us better, you are more than welcome over at Frimousse*!

* Frimousse actually means " pretty little face" in French


Chuzai Living said...

I didn't know that Frimousse means "pretty little face"!! What a beautiful word you have in your language! I like the sound of it. It sounds like a good name for a kids magazine or book or even kids clothing store. I love the picture you have here. Tout à fait "frimousse"!

#RosyVousConseille said...

That's true, Marie All the beautifull little dresses you can make, Frimousse, of course!

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