Monday, December 27

Winter, winter...

Enjoying a cold winter here in France...
Summer colors dancing in my head as I imagine the new collection...
Feeling refreshed and energized...

Friday, December 17

{ I wish you a Merry Christmas }

Hello everyone!

Christmas is fast approaching... 7 more days to enjoy decorating the house, baking and writing cards :)
While you are reading these words I'm most probably on my way to Switzerland. This year at last I get to spend Christmas with my parents and my little family ... it did not happen since 2005 and I am absolutely delighted to enjoy a snowy and cold Christmas!

So I am taking a little break from blogging... I have a few more posts coming up in the coming week though :)
I should be back to my regular posting in the second week of January with plenty more projects and ideas, and an {Interview with} post on January 14, 2011.

What are your plans for the coming few weeks? are you going back home, spending more time with your family or travelling to an exotic destination? 

Monday, December 13

Looking back at 2010... + surprise!

I like to look back at what has happened over the past year... this is something I am happy to do in December when the end of the year is getting closer... and when I have to write down the new year resolution list ;-)
I am proud to see what I have been doing with my little business, and I can't wait to start drawing plans for next year, and dream biG bIG BIG.

Nothing could have happened without YOU, so a big THANK YOU to you readers, family, friends or strangers... I hope to connect more with you all next year, learn more about you and your dreams and continue to share mine (of course, but is it the subject here?).

Creations by ECStudio over the past year...

Now the surprise: as you might know, my blog is getting revamped and I am proud to announce that I will be able to re-launch it before the end of the year! Isn't it time to celebrate now really? 

I will hold a give away super soon, so stay tuned!

And by the way, we can easily keep in touch here and here, and if you want to know more about who I am and where I live, I blog about it here. Don't be shy!


Thursday, December 9

With Christmas approaching...

... it's time for some shopping...

The little blue purse... a similar design is available in the shop now - US$25

Tuesday, December 7

Pretty in pink {NEW DESIGN}

One of the latest design at Etincelle Creative Studio :)
A little multi-function purse: as an evening purse to enhance your little black dress, or as a make up purse or why not keep in it your jewelry while travelling? If you have even more ideas on how to use it, please share!

The little pink purse... available in my Etsy shop soon - US$25

Friday, December 3

Gorgeous cushions

How gorgeous are these cushions? I am working on an Etsy treasury and I stumbled upon seller Bukhara from Uzbekistan. I totally wish one or two of these beauties would be on my "to be re-upholstered" couch next year!

My selection of Suzani cushions from Bukhara; starting from US$30.

What are you planning to do this weekend? Have you started your Christmas decoration? Is your tree up?
I am working my head off to do as many things as possible before taking off to... Switzerland! I am so happy to make it there and spend Christmas with my family. It did not happen since 2005!

Sage comme une image...

Naughty or nice?

 Red Apple illustration by Limoon, via L'Affiche Moderne
Photo of my daughter Chloe

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