Tuesday, November 9

"Les Pastels" bags

The process of making this type of bag is a long and tedious one, but how enjoyable! I love choosing the color combination for each and every bag I make, and I especially enjoyed making these three bags as I only had one piece of each color (mint, bubble gum and a light yellow).

The central flowers are cut from a piece of Japanese fabric that I bought many years ago. Each bag has a different pattern as I hand cut and place the flowers following my own feelings. I then choose the color combination for each bag: the pom pom trim, and the two layers of lining (a mesh fabric and a silky lining). 
I like colors to clash and pop out!

Once this is done, I fix the flowers on the bags, then I am ready to start the embroidery work with the sequins, which can take me several hours to complete. Labor of love...
Then I sew the pom pom trim, the linings, and a new bag is born!

"Les Pastels" bags are unique pieces that will be available only once for sale... I wont replicate these color combinations in the future. 

Do you like the color combination of these three bags? Which one is your favorite?

Edit: oh shame, I forgot to give credits for the pictures! my awesome husband took all pictures of the bags, modeled by... me :)


michelle b @ every little thing inspired said...

wow! so colorful! I love the top right bag with the aquas and reds!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today! following you now!
congrats on your anniversary, too!

Marie said...

Thanks Michelle! I was happy to discover your blog, very refreshing and personal ;)
Talk to you soon,

Chuzai Living said...

Great collage!! I like the bag with aquas and light pink pompoms. Well, all of them are pretty!!

Marie said...

haha, that one is one of my favorite too... thanks :)

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