Saturday, November 20

{Christmas} in Black and Gold

Let's kick start the holiday season since everyone seems to be in the mood! I was feeling like black and gold yesterday when I curated this treasury and I am quite happy with  my selection  :)
Do you like to highlight a black outfit with golden jewelry?

 From top to bottom, left to right:

On an other topic, and since it is already Saturday - and raining, I have decided to start my Christmas decoration with my daughter including the tree and a wreath for our front door, and maybe garlands. 

Have you started anything? are you making decoration yourself? Nina from Stylizimo has prepared beautiful DIY projects for Christmas, I encourage you to have a look and try them on. I am tempted by the candles...

Candles decoration on Stylizimo blog - Photo credit: Nina Holst

Happy browsing everyone, and there is a wonderful weekend ahead of us, make the most of it!



Thank you for linking to my bloggpost :)

I love the black and gold you are showing btw. Great combination!

Enjoy your weekend!

Marie said...

Thank you Nina, have a good weekend too :)

Chuzai Living said...

Great post!!! I love the black and gold combination you featured. You have a very good taste. Black and gold look very sophisticated.

Chuzai Living said...

I love stylizimo, too!! I get interior designing and blogging inspirations from her and what I love even more about the blog is that the author, Nina is a very sweet person!!

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi Kaho! I have just joined Stylizimo after seeing that you had posted photos of your apartment. I have sent you a friend request since then :)
It's an amazing tool and I feel that the community is great. And it's gonna be cool to hear about Scandinavian decoration tips by all the ladies out there. I really can't wait!

Marie Maglaque said...

Oh btw I have joined Pinterest too, we can keep in touch there too.

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, I'm back, please give me time till next week to sort everything out and let's meet for coffee!
I love the combo of black & gold so much! Classy!
All the best!

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