Thursday, October 14

Under the light

This is the last picture I am going to publish from Hoi An... I have practiced a bit of editing as learned in the Blogging Your Way e-course taken with Holly Becker from Decor 8 last month. The initial picture was taken without flash in an extremely dark room, and I am very pleased with the end result :)

What is your impression?



What a warm and cosy picture you have taken. Lovely!

Thank you for the tips on having fall under the topics, I have now made a new button in the sidebar so it's easier to find it :)

Kind of sad that the BYW course is over, don't you think? Although it took a lot of my time, I loved the course very much. I have learned SO many new things :)


Mariella said...

It's beautiful, I love the colours. Actually I love all your pictures from Vietnam. I have never been but it's in my plans for the next holidays..xo

Chuzai Living said...

The picture is pretty! Well done!! I hardly use flash now except for taking some pictures of people at night, but I still don't have a tripod! Gotta buy one!! I can't wait to read about your Vietnam trip! I'm going counter chronological order... :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, it looks and sounds like you had a wonderful trip to Vietnam. I'm hoping to hear all about it over a coffee when I'm back.
Warm regards, Anna

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