Tuesday, October 26

Stay tuned...

... as I have to introduce you to my talented friend Gara Martin Kraus from Spain... and to her gorgeous jewelry...

Bedroom randoms

Thursday, October 21

A little red bag...

I have lost count of all the bags I have made... but this little one was made to order, and I am very happy with the end result since it is not the shades of colors I am usually playing with.
What about you, are you taking custom orders? do you enjoy it and does it help you explore things that you are not familiar with?

I should tell you the story behind some of these photos as well... Yesterday I asked my 4 year old daughter Chloe to take the photos while I was modelling the bags. Of course I didn't let her use the best camera available, but only my old Sony Cyber-shot... I was not extremely happy with the end result and we ended up shooting only 2 bags out of 5. But after a bit of editing, I think the photos aren't that bad...

{Happy weekend}

Jewelry for Christmas...?

At the end it looks like I managed to put some things together when it comes to creating jewelry pieces in time for Christmas... hmmm, this is my inspiration, now I have to work on a first prototype...
Does it looks interesting? can you imagine what I have in mind? I hope to be able to show you something next week...

Lace, glass beads and sequins... time to play with some of my favorite materials... 

Tuesday, October 19

In another world...

Ahhh... these days when time is running away... so many things to do and so little time...
I still haven't taken photos of my bags and I still have one bag to complete (special order), I still haven't developed my jewelry line and made the new purses that should fill up my Etsy shop by now...

BUT I am working on the new look of my blog, and I feel that I have achieved a lot since September by following the Blogging Your Way e-course. Despite the obstacles I am more than ever decided to get somewhere and succeed in my goals...
Wish me good luck!

But I am digressing... Let me share some of my recent Etsy finds with you... I know the color palette is more S/S than F/W but while some of you guys will be in winter soon, others will enjoy the heat of summer... 
Here it is just hot hot hot... no break...

Thursday, October 14

Under the light

This is the last picture I am going to publish from Hoi An... I have practiced a bit of editing as learned in the Blogging Your Way e-course taken with Holly Becker from Decor 8 last month. The initial picture was taken without flash in an extremely dark room, and I am very pleased with the end result :)

What is your impression?

Wednesday, October 13

Wanders in Hoi An, Vietnam

Now that I am done with editing the pictures from my trip in Vietnam, let's share them with you... It was a pretty short trip (4 days) and travelling with two young kids have proved to be quite exhausting... but Hoi An is a real gem and it was well worth the burden! I have been absolutely stunned by the bold colors used for the buildings, interiors, clothing and other accessories.


I am fond of the bold colors Vietnamese people seems to favor for painting their walls. The pictures above were taken in the Moon Restaurant and Lounge, a gorgeous little place decorated with taste.

I had been impressed in Thailand by the craftsmanship and the obvious talent of Thais for design, but Vietnamese are as good!
Are these walls and furnitures inspiring you or do you usually opt for lower key hues?

Here are three addresses not to miss in Hoi An if you like Vietnamese food:
Moon Restaurant and Lounge
321 Nguyen Duy Hieu, Hoi An, Vietnam
(+84 510) 2241 396

Morning Glory (my favorite place in Hoi An)
106 Nguyen Thai Hoc St., Hoi An, Vietnam
(+84 510) 2241 555

The Light House
Cam Nam island, Hoi An, Vietnam
(+84 510) 2241 503

Vietnam is also renowned for its tailoring skills. We have tried Yali Couture which was recommended to us and haven't been disappointed:
Yaly Couture
47 Tran Phu St., Hoi An, Vietnam
(+84 510) 2222 580
ask for Gloria

Monday, October 11

Beautiful Vietnam

Back from Hoi An... amazing atmosphere and colors... 
... the food and people... 
... the handicrafts and the cultural and historical backgrounds...

Stay tuned, more photos to come once I am done with editing!

Tuesday, October 5

In my Etsy shop soon...

The Blogging Your Way e-course is over... and I am back working on my dear bags... I kind of missed it as I spent so many hours in front of the computer lately...
Here below are some goodies that will be in store as soon as we are back from our trip to Vietnam!

Available soon here

I am signing off for the week, but will be back with lots of beautiful pictures and eye candy from Hoi An!

Have a great week everyone,

Friday, October 1

Look I desire {Anthropologie}

I love colors and I am not scared of mixing bold colors as shown in the image below from Anthropologie. I can picture myself in this pretty pair of shorts and gorgeous navy blue top... I might not opt for this type of shoes though... nowadays I find ballet flats or sandals much more comfortable!

Shop this look and more at Anthropologie

Do you like shopping online for clothes? I know I can't as I am pretty scared to not fit in and I couldn't be bothered to return the stuff and order a different size. It might work if you perfectly what suits you (colors, shapes etc...) and if you have experienced a certain brand before.
Share with us your experience!
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