Wednesday, September 29

Inspiration :: Working from home

I am introducing today a new column where I am going to share with you my shopping {wish}list and how I manage to get THAT look within my {tiny} budget.

I have been facing a dilemma since working from home while also looking after my two children and juggling the different types of activities that rhythm my day.

How does one dress in this situation? To be honest I still haven't found the solution, and I am still looking at my wardrobe in despair every morning. I seem to have lots of clothes but unfortunately they are not working well together or they are too tight or... The truth is that I am missing the basics and I am on a mission to get them sooner rather than later!
Can you relate?

As many of you I am on a budget when it comes to shopping and I believe in shopping wisely.

::Tip:: Keep a {wish}list of items that are most needed in your wardrobe and update it regularly. You will then avoid buying impulsively clothes that you can't easily mix with each other (hmmm). And you will have a better control over your budget (re-hmmm).

Let's put together an easy look that would work in most situations.

Casual look #1

Blouse, cargo pants and flats by Anthropologie
Leaf earrings by Charmandchain *

The central piece is a delicate lilac blouse - inspired by this pretty column on Decor 8 by Leslie Shewring of Color Me Pretty.
Added to it, a soft cuff cargo pants, a pair of ballet flat and earrings that make a statement but don't overdo it.
Easy to wear, don't you think?

Another interesting topic is color analysis. My friend Kaho from Chuzai Living talks about her personal experience in this post and now I am seriously thinking to do it to understand which color works best for me :)

Have you ever done a personal color analysis? are you dressing up when working from home?

* For details about each item, please visit Casual look #1 on Polyvore.


Mariella said...

Definitely not dressing up when working from home! And I think also for me it's time to start a colour analysis...Mariella (from BYW)

Marie said...

Oh thanks for dropping by Mariella! I have heard that when working from home it is best to dress up as if going to the office... working on it! let me know if you ever do a color analysis :)

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