Friday, September 3

{Bold design}

Today I have something extremely pretty yet bold in colors. Ceramist come florist Samantha Robinson is proposing an extensive range of gorgeous porcelain vessels that can be holding anything from flowers to cups of tea, and why not your favorite jewelry pieces?

lace-porcelain with a floral note

If you are in Sidney go check out her stall at the trendy Bondi Markets (on Sundays) and Paddington Markets (on Saturdays)!

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

Happy browsing!


Sze said...

hi! I saw your blog on Holly's e-course blogroll, it's great to see some fellow asian here, my mom is a S'porean, but I'm currently living in Texas, by the way, love your artwork, it feels like home to me :D

Marie said...

Hello! thanks for visiting... I like your blog too, and your jewelry! I added you to my "buddy list" on Blog it your way.
Although I live in Singapore, I am not a Singaporean... I am a French/ Swiss married to a Filipino ;)
Talk to you soon in BYW!

Sze said...

I added you to my "buddy list" too! I visited Singapore recently, Singapore changed a lot in these few years. missed the food though... :'( are you there for expat?

Marie said...

I was there for work back in 2006, then met my now husband and we moved to Thailand beginning of 2007 for his job. Then back here in 2008 for his job.... so I guess I am an expat :)
I haven't worked in the corporate world since then, but I now have two kids!!

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