Wednesday, September 1

Blogging your way

I am extremely excited to take the quite famous Blogging your way e-course with Holly Becker of Decor 8 and Haus Maus blogs, and Leslie Schewring of A Creative Mint. Starting this Friday for a month, it is going to be creative, informative and fun with things to share with other fellow bloggers from all over the world!

image from Decor 8

As Holly puts it herself:
"This course will teach you how to write from the heart, style interiors (I’ll share some ideas I learned on the road while working on my book) and Leslie will show you some favorite things to arrange and photograph for your blog to give it more personality. It will also cover photography and share tips and tricks, teach you how to set up an inexpensive home photo studio, flower arranging ideas, organizing your work area so you can be more creative, and so much more — like how to connect with your blog readers, using social media to network, how to earn extra income through blogging and how to edit images and add text and borders to them to make your blog more beautiful and interesting."

It has been on my To Do List 2010* and it is an achievement to get to actually do it! not that it took so much efforts to enroll, but it will certainly take some efforts to follow the course and IMPROVE my blog... haha.
Btw today is your last chance to sign for it.... Take the jump!

Have a good day everyone!

* remind me to write a post about that one... it might help me to get things done if I have someone to report to...


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