Thursday, September 23

5 Easy Ways to {Decorate your Daughter's Room}

It has been a while since I wanted to share with you another hobby of mine...
I just love to spend time in my daughter's room, cleaning up her mess, displaying her toys, decorating her room, adding or withdrawing elements of decoration.
I don't do that on a weekly or even monthly basis, but rather every time I feel that there is too much clutter and that it doesn't "work" anymore.

Bedding set and canopy from Ikea; front pillows handmade by me;
two pillows with flowers applique from Tahiti :)

I did it last week and thus was ready to share my tips with you here. Five easy ways to pretty up your daughter's room at {almost} no cost:

  • Choose a nice bedding set whose colors will match the overall palette (no Princesses, Dora or other commercial stuff here)
Pillow details (handmade by me); the light garland is from Thailand,
the ABC poster from a little stationery shop
in Singapore cost only S$6; light from Ikea S$4.90

  • Make yourself some of the elements of the decoration: paper garlands, pillow cases ... and frame her artwork. Immediate results! If you don't know how to sew, or can't be bothered to make a paper garland, source them in your neighborhood (Chinatown everyone?) or online (Etsy) or even ask me for a tutorial...
Handmade pin dolls by Chloe and I; puppets from Peru;
garlands handmade by me with paper leftovers

Framed art and little paper dragon by Chloe;
paper pendant lamp from Ikea but decorated by me (works as a mobile, not a light)

  • Display her toys regularly instead of hiding them all in boxes, baskets etc... if you like a minimalist look, then hide the toys in wooden cases or woven baskets. No plastic boxes please! here in South East Asia it costs next to nothing to get beautifully handcrafted baskets (I am not referring to Ikea here, but rather to supporting local artisans).
Teatime for Barbies under a pink paper umbrella from Thailand

I also found that rotating and highlighting certain toys allows to re-discover her toys and play with all of them. Chloe {my nearly 4 year old daughter} doesn't get tired of "old toys".

Little dolls house in wood; decoration and furnishing in the process :)
Should I dare paint the house in white?

  • Arrange a reading corner/ nap corner with comfy pillows, a little mat etc... where your child {and yourself} will cool down and rest and enjoy story telling. Chloe loves book and I do read a lot to her. It is nice early in the afternoon when she is a bit tired to just lie down and read... and fall asleep if it is on the weekend!
Pillow case from Peru, rug from Ikea

  • Teach her to treasure her belongings. I would like to stress out this point as I see so many little kids not taking care of their toys, and worst their books (!!!). I am not buying loads of toys to my kids: quality and style is definitely taking over price and trend when I am in a toy store. And I do teach my daughter to look after each and every toy, book and gift.
Jewel box with a ballerina theme and music;
beautiful illustration is inspiration :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post... it is an unusual topic here but since children's world has become a big part of my life I'd like to share it with you as well.

Chloe's room as it is today!

I would love to hear from you about your ongoing decoration projects and tips and how you keep your house clean and stylish with kids around! I have covered decorating a girl's room, now what about a boy's room? it seems entirely different to me and I am still in the process of understanding how boys play and live their lives... my son is only 7 months old!


Minnie said...

Hello, A fellow BYWer here. I decided to pop over here to see your homework (when I should be doing mine!). I love that you posted about your daughter's room because I have a three-year-old daughter. It's so pretty and well-organized. I especially love your tip about including items that we make ourselves. Sounds like we have a lot in common in terms of how we approach decorating for kids. Will look around some more.

North County Film Club said...

i'm also in the BYW class.
love your decorating - very cute and colorful.
especially love the garlands.

Marie said...

Thank you ladies for popping, say hello and comment! I really appreciate it... I am off to check out your blog :)

sarah said...

did you buy these bedroom accessories from Ikea ?

Christina said...

OMG this is so cute and I bet she loves it :-)

Nice to visit your blog, I a fellow BYW classmate :-)

Marie said...

@ Sarah: some items are from Ikea (the white table with 2 chairs, the bed set, the rug, the canopy over the bed, the kitchen accessories, the frames). Pillows are from various places (handmade by me, or from Peru or from Tahiti - friends have sent me the pillow covers as gifts :)
The kitchen is from ELC (British toy store), and the little doll house was bought in a local toy store.

I like the challenge of making over a room on a budget. If I could I would like to have more vintage furniture from thrift stores... maybe once we move to Europe...?

Marie said...

@ Divas and Dreams: Chloe loves a room! she is at an age where she starts appreciating little things like that and it is rewarding for me... of course I always emphasize every detail of the room to stimulate her imagination.
I love your blog a lot since I discovered it at the beginning of the class. I am drawn to your pictures, style and lifestyle :) and I wish to have the same magical relationship with my children when they grow up!
Thanks for the inspiration...

Anonymous said...

Hi Marie, am I glad you stopped by my blog cause it brought me to yours :) I think the bedroom ideas are so useful. Love it. Let me browse through your blog, I'm so excited and happy you are also in Singapore :)

Anonymous said...

hi your light garland is so pretty , it's from thailand?
may i know where in thailand you got it from?
i wanna get one to deco my baby's room! =)

thanks alot in advance

Marie Maglaque said...

Hi! Sorry for the late reply, I have been traveling in the past few days.
The garland comes indeed from Thailand. I always buy them at the street markets, and you can also find them at Chatuchak market, or the night bazaar (if it still exists).
I can't remember for sure, but it was maybe about 500Bht.
I have lately seen a lovely mobile created with the same balls from the garlands and I wanna give it a try.

Hope this helps!
Thanks for your comment :-)


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