Monday, September 27

#4 Inspiration Board - BYW

Yet another inspiration board, this one created during the e-course Blogging Your Way to help us define what we want to talk about on our blog...
So here we are:

{accessories} {design} {styling} {arts and crafts} {beading and embroidery}
{little eye candy}

Are you inspired? is there anything else you would like me to talk about or share with you on this blog? something you would like to know about me, my life, my dreams?


Chuzai Living said...

I like your inspiration board! I can tell you put a lot of thoughts into putting each piece. Each piece reflects your style. The colors you picked matched my image of you.

I still haven't done mine!!! Arrggg! The photo of a girl on the left bottom kind of reminds me of you. I think you would look like her if you wear the same shirt and necklace.

I stayed up until 3:30 am to finish my homework. Since we live in Asia and Jakarta is +7 GMT, I figured submitting the homework after midnight on Sunday would be okay. I'm so tired... Need more sleep!

Marie said...

Haha... you are right! and worst is that I started randomly on Sunday afternoon while kids were out at the playground with their dad. Then all of a sudden I got it, and I had to shoot shoot shoot while the light was still good and the kids still outside :)
I put a lot of pressure on myself, but I am quite happy with the result.

I advise you to file everything you think could be in your inspiration board so that whenever you have enough time ahead you have it all in hands.

Good luck and keep me posted!

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