Wednesday, September 29

Inspiration :: Working from home

I am introducing today a new column where I am going to share with you my shopping {wish}list and how I manage to get THAT look within my {tiny} budget.

I have been facing a dilemma since working from home while also looking after my two children and juggling the different types of activities that rhythm my day.

How does one dress in this situation? To be honest I still haven't found the solution, and I am still looking at my wardrobe in despair every morning. I seem to have lots of clothes but unfortunately they are not working well together or they are too tight or... The truth is that I am missing the basics and I am on a mission to get them sooner rather than later!
Can you relate?

As many of you I am on a budget when it comes to shopping and I believe in shopping wisely.

::Tip:: Keep a {wish}list of items that are most needed in your wardrobe and update it regularly. You will then avoid buying impulsively clothes that you can't easily mix with each other (hmmm). And you will have a better control over your budget (re-hmmm).

Let's put together an easy look that would work in most situations.

Casual look #1

Blouse, cargo pants and flats by Anthropologie
Leaf earrings by Charmandchain *

The central piece is a delicate lilac blouse - inspired by this pretty column on Decor 8 by Leslie Shewring of Color Me Pretty.
Added to it, a soft cuff cargo pants, a pair of ballet flat and earrings that make a statement but don't overdo it.
Easy to wear, don't you think?

Another interesting topic is color analysis. My friend Kaho from Chuzai Living talks about her personal experience in this post and now I am seriously thinking to do it to understand which color works best for me :)

Have you ever done a personal color analysis? are you dressing up when working from home?

* For details about each item, please visit Casual look #1 on Polyvore.

Monday, September 27

{Net shopper bags}

I have so much to share with you, and so little time to do it... I have completed two new bags but still haven't had time to take decent pictures of them.
So today I just wanted to show the one I have done in the past in a little collage (that is also part of the homework I have to do for the BYW course).

Labor of Love available here

Do you have days or weeks when work is piling up high and time is running low? what are you doing in this situation?
I am drinking wine my friend... Bonne Nuit!

#4 Inspiration Board - BYW

Yet another inspiration board, this one created during the e-course Blogging Your Way to help us define what we want to talk about on our blog...
So here we are:

{accessories} {design} {styling} {arts and crafts} {beading and embroidery}
{little eye candy}

Are you inspired? is there anything else you would like me to talk about or share with you on this blog? something you would like to know about me, my life, my dreams?

Friday, September 24

#3 Inspiration board

Today I am in the mood for pretty, girly and cute little things... I am off doing some shopping for my kids :)

Oh Happy Day!

Edit: So I did some shopping last Friday, but I managed to find only clothes for Chloe... two T-shirts, two skirts and a pair of shorts...

Thursday, September 23

5 Easy Ways to {Decorate your Daughter's Room}

It has been a while since I wanted to share with you another hobby of mine...
I just love to spend time in my daughter's room, cleaning up her mess, displaying her toys, decorating her room, adding or withdrawing elements of decoration.
I don't do that on a weekly or even monthly basis, but rather every time I feel that there is too much clutter and that it doesn't "work" anymore.

Bedding set and canopy from Ikea; front pillows handmade by me;
two pillows with flowers applique from Tahiti :)

I did it last week and thus was ready to share my tips with you here. Five easy ways to pretty up your daughter's room at {almost} no cost:

  • Choose a nice bedding set whose colors will match the overall palette (no Princesses, Dora or other commercial stuff here)
Pillow details (handmade by me); the light garland is from Thailand,
the ABC poster from a little stationery shop
in Singapore cost only S$6; light from Ikea S$4.90

  • Make yourself some of the elements of the decoration: paper garlands, pillow cases ... and frame her artwork. Immediate results! If you don't know how to sew, or can't be bothered to make a paper garland, source them in your neighborhood (Chinatown everyone?) or online (Etsy) or even ask me for a tutorial...
Handmade pin dolls by Chloe and I; puppets from Peru;
garlands handmade by me with paper leftovers

Framed art and little paper dragon by Chloe;
paper pendant lamp from Ikea but decorated by me (works as a mobile, not a light)

  • Display her toys regularly instead of hiding them all in boxes, baskets etc... if you like a minimalist look, then hide the toys in wooden cases or woven baskets. No plastic boxes please! here in South East Asia it costs next to nothing to get beautifully handcrafted baskets (I am not referring to Ikea here, but rather to supporting local artisans).
Teatime for Barbies under a pink paper umbrella from Thailand

I also found that rotating and highlighting certain toys allows to re-discover her toys and play with all of them. Chloe {my nearly 4 year old daughter} doesn't get tired of "old toys".

Little dolls house in wood; decoration and furnishing in the process :)
Should I dare paint the house in white?

  • Arrange a reading corner/ nap corner with comfy pillows, a little mat etc... where your child {and yourself} will cool down and rest and enjoy story telling. Chloe loves book and I do read a lot to her. It is nice early in the afternoon when she is a bit tired to just lie down and read... and fall asleep if it is on the weekend!
Pillow case from Peru, rug from Ikea

  • Teach her to treasure her belongings. I would like to stress out this point as I see so many little kids not taking care of their toys, and worst their books (!!!). I am not buying loads of toys to my kids: quality and style is definitely taking over price and trend when I am in a toy store. And I do teach my daughter to look after each and every toy, book and gift.
Jewel box with a ballerina theme and music;
beautiful illustration is inspiration :)

I hope you enjoyed reading this post... it is an unusual topic here but since children's world has become a big part of my life I'd like to share it with you as well.

Chloe's room as it is today!

I would love to hear from you about your ongoing decoration projects and tips and how you keep your house clean and stylish with kids around! I have covered decorating a girl's room, now what about a boy's room? it seems entirely different to me and I am still in the process of understanding how boys play and live their lives... my son is only 7 months old!

Tuesday, September 21

In my notebook today

Hello everyone!
Today I wanted to share with you pictures from my "wedding notebook".
You may wonder what do I mean by "wedding notebook"... it is the place where I kept all the inspiration (photos, texts etc...) to design my wedding two years ago. It took place in France, in the country side and we were living in Bangkok, Thailand at that time so it was not very easy to organize...

Lace, silk, embroideries, crystal beads...

The setting of the wedding was in the beautiful French country side, so I wanted something chic and stylish but still very laid back. For my dress, I was naturally drawn to lace, silk and Swarovski crystals for the embroidery. My dress was made-to-order at Jeremiah Boutique in Bangkok and it was exactly what I had in mind (except that my initial plan was to wear a soft-pink dress in silk).

sketches of jewelry and table center ideas...

right hand-side: Viriya stationery shop leaflet

I got my invitation printed at Viriya, a stationery shop located in the Chinatown area of Bangkok. It was lovely although I couldn't get my own design made for budget reasons :(
As you can see on their website though they have loads of great designs and I could easily find something suitable.

On my wedding day with my sexy man...

My daughter's dress {made by me} in Thai silk and raspberry lace...

How about you? are you compiling photos and magazine pages in a notebook when you are planning an event, or just for fun? if you are not yet doing it, maybe it is time to go through all the magazines that are piling up in your storage room and only keep those pages that inspire you...

Tuesday, September 14

{NEW design}


I was busy this past weekend catching up with the classes of the Blogging Your Way e-course that I am currently taking and working on the weekly assignment.
I am having a blast ladies :).
No, seriously enjoying myself and taking great pleasure to make new online friends and discover hidden {blog} treasures. I will add my favorites on my blogroll this week...
Of course I am also learning a ton of things about blogging smartly and with style and hopefully it will show on this blog soon ;)

But apart from that I also have a business to look after, and here is a sneak peek of my latest creation. This one won't be in the shop, but I will soon create more designs and more color combinations... so stay tuned! and please share your thought about it...

... I am planning to make one for myself and use it as an evening purse when I have a casual date with Mr.D

... great for your jewelry or other belongings while traveling...

... or use it as a make-up pouch...

Tomorrow I will post pictures of my latest bag, also completed last weekend... and I have two more to show you so plenty of things to talk about this week!

Have a great day!

Friday, September 10

* Note to Myself

Whenever I have a chance to go to Bali (and really it's just a step away from here), I must pay a visit to Katherine Rally Textiles. Beautiful batiks created by this lovely American couple...

I am off now for the weekend as today is a public holiday (Hari Raya) and I want to spend as much time as possible with my hubby and my kids...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 9

{Coup de Coeur} Moth House

My new favorite Etsy seller is MothHouse whom I just discovered about yesterday while browsing the Etsy blog.
Not only are her jewelry pieces stunning but her photos made me realize that it really {I mean R-E-A-L-L-Y} makes a huge difference.


Moth House was a featured seller and you will learn a lot from the 24 year-old artist in her interview here.
The soft shades that Sharina used are really talking to me and are perfect for autumn as well.




Perhaps your shop will look more PROFESSIONAL, NEAT, STYLISH, and COHERENT. Perhaps your own little world translates better, which helps communicate to your {potential} customers who you are and what you are making and how seriously involved you are in your business.

As a small business owner, which steps have you taken to improve your sales and to communicate better what your products are about?

Wednesday, September 8

In my notebook today

It has been a few weeks now since I shared with you what is currently in my notebook (or should I say, in ONE of my notebooks...). It seems I can't stop cutting, gluing and decorating at the moment...

those colors are currently inspiring me for Christmas... hopefully soon translated into bags and crochet decoration for your Christmas tree!

when I will be ready to write my book for children, I would love to have a mix of illustration/ collage/ textures etc... I really love that illustration above (picked in How to Spend It, Financial Times)

I don't know about you, but I am having a hard time to design a proper logo, tags, business cards etc... everything that is supposed to be my brand identity. Should I let it in the hands of a professional - aka graphic designer?

Stay tuned I will later introduce you to my latest crush on Etsy... just discovered her yesterday, and really got inspired by her shop. Not only her items but the whole styling behind her photos really amazed me.

Monday, September 6


I might be a bit late to notice that you have tools on the net to help you keep up with your favorite blogs... that is no longer true as I registered on BlogLovin this morning and will now easily check out each of them {no hassle here}{especially when juggling with 2 computers}.
I even registered my blog hoping and hope to see you there too!


Oh, and should I add that Blogging it Your way have officially started last Friday and it's extremely exciting to be part of it! I am discovering many new blogs and people coming from all over the world :)

How about you? what are you doing to increase your blog exposure?

Happy blogging!

Saturday, September 4

Latest Etsy treasury - Labor of LOVE

Proud to introduce you my latest treasury... I have included every link to each item and seller so that you can easily check out their gorgeous shops, and many more awesome items...
and as usual: Happy shopping and Have a great weekend everyone!

Friday, September 3

{Bold design}

Today I have something extremely pretty yet bold in colors. Ceramist come florist Samantha Robinson is proposing an extensive range of gorgeous porcelain vessels that can be holding anything from flowers to cups of tea, and why not your favorite jewelry pieces?

lace-porcelain with a floral note

If you are in Sidney go check out her stall at the trendy Bondi Markets (on Sundays) and Paddington Markets (on Saturdays)!

"I'm a little tea pot short and stout..."

Happy browsing!

Thursday, September 2

#10 {Pomegranate Raspberry Gold}

I have finished this bag and I completely forgot to update you on it! I really love the end result and the mix of colors pomegranate + raspberry is great!

Amara bag - details

* these two bags are not available in the shop as they were made-to-order... thanks!

Earth Colors - Treasury by Kitty016

Yesterday has been a great day! One of my dresses was featured in Kitty016's "Feeling RETRO in Earth Colors" treasury on Etsy and I can tell you that it feels good when people you don't even know appreciate your work :)

{ Thank you }

CHRISTMAS 2010 {Gold Bronze Copper}

Remember when I was working on this project...

I have completed the first part of it which translates in three crochet doilies hand-embroidered with sequins. They can be used in various ways: as table or as Christmas tree decorations, you can hang them on your walls, doors, windows...
Your imagination is the limit!

Here I mixed gold and copper sequins;
the heart of the doily is made of a bronze antique brass flower

This doily is entirely in silver sequins

and the last one has a mix of silver and copper sequins

Comes nicely wrapped in a white organza pouch

Wednesday, September 1

Blogging your way

I am extremely excited to take the quite famous Blogging your way e-course with Holly Becker of Decor 8 and Haus Maus blogs, and Leslie Schewring of A Creative Mint. Starting this Friday for a month, it is going to be creative, informative and fun with things to share with other fellow bloggers from all over the world!

image from Decor 8

As Holly puts it herself:
"This course will teach you how to write from the heart, style interiors (I’ll share some ideas I learned on the road while working on my book) and Leslie will show you some favorite things to arrange and photograph for your blog to give it more personality. It will also cover photography and share tips and tricks, teach you how to set up an inexpensive home photo studio, flower arranging ideas, organizing your work area so you can be more creative, and so much more — like how to connect with your blog readers, using social media to network, how to earn extra income through blogging and how to edit images and add text and borders to them to make your blog more beautiful and interesting."

It has been on my To Do List 2010* and it is an achievement to get to actually do it! not that it took so much efforts to enroll, but it will certainly take some efforts to follow the course and IMPROVE my blog... haha.
Btw today is your last chance to sign for it.... Take the jump!

Have a good day everyone!

* remind me to write a post about that one... it might help me to get things done if I have someone to report to...

{Coup de Coeur}

It is time to share my latest finds on Etsy... and how much I wish I could purchase each and every item I am "hearting"... I am actually thinking of calling this post my "Christmas wishlist"... haha... Romantic and sweet here we go:

Romantic Wrap Top With Short Ruffled Sleeve


Square doily coasters


Dripping Gold Earrings - hand forged hoops dripping with gold


Turkish Handmade Needle Crocheted Soft Pink Lace Edging




Happy Shopping!
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