Friday, July 23

Beautiful Peranakan Museum

Yesterday in the morning I went to the Peranakan Museum for the second time... I absolutely LOVE this place for what it is about (Peranakan culture), and for the wonderful "mise en scene". Beautifully curated. I wish to work for the people who designed this museum.
Unfortunately I could take any pictures of the amazing items (jewelry, clothes, furnitures, crockery etc...) as flash is not allowed and light was not good enough to get good shoots.

The Peranakan culture is essentially a cultural blend of mainly Chinese, Malay and some European descent, very often bearing the best of each. The Peranakan community evolved some two to three hundred years ago when Chinese traders established trade ties with the locals from the Malay Peninsula, including Singapore. Cross-cultural relationships and marriages were natural by-products when these traders married local Malay women. Peranakan, which means, "locally born" in the Malay language, was to be the name of subsequent generations of Chinese-Malays. To Westerners, they are commonly known as "Straits-born Chinese".
Source: Things Asian


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