Tuesday, June 22

Style Melia

We met while studying fashion design in Paris; we were young, passionate by fashion, a bit naive too. I have amazing memories of my years in Paris. Thanks Laetitia!

Wednesday, June 16

Bye Amalia!

Pretty Amalia has been sold last weekend and is on her way to San Diego in California. How exciting!

{Coup de Coeur}

I discovered today this new blog called Happy Things by Ocechou and I invite you to have a look. It is all I love when it comes to the layout of the blog, the way it is curated... soft, sweet, delicious.

Her creations are available in her e-shop here.


Monday, June 14

A Mini-Me doll for my Mum

Mum, you are the best!

Tuesday, June 1

Working on at the moment...

... two new dresses for 2 to 3 year-old little girls. I couldn't help but start immediately making dresses out of these two beautiful batiks found last Saturday in the market. I guess there will be many more to come as I am totally inspired by the bold prints and colors! In my Etsy shop by the end of the week, unless they get sold before!

Things to do with your little girl...

Chloe was sick this past weekend, and although she was very sweet and calm, she requested a lot of my attention. Since my hands can't stay very long without creating a little something, we decided to make yet another little doll.
For this craft, you really do not need much material: a wooden clothespin, cute fabrics, glue and ribbon. Et voila!
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