Monday, May 31

Warm colors

A collage done last week while I was unwell.... Singapore is extremely humid and hot at the moment... I can't help but wish to be in Europe by the Mediterranean sea...

Thursday, May 27

For not posting much this week...

I am sorry for not posting much this week, I am unfortunately not feeling well. I have caught a bad cold last weekend (high temperatures here in Singapore + humidity) and it is not funny :(

I leave you with this beautiful picture inspiring me for Spring. This lady is a jewelry designer, and the photo was taken by the talented Garance Dore.

I will be back next week with more daily candy and hopefully new creations!

Wednesday, May 26

#5 {Blue Lilac Gold}


Chloe (my 3 year old daughter) is modelling the bag... I haven't made a super sized one (yet)!!

#4 {Brown Pink Orange}


Friday, May 21

Making process

MOOD {Pink Chocolate White}

I plan to start making girly stuff again as soon as the two bags I am currently making are finished {tomorrow}. This is my mood board at the moment; I will play with these two cute fabrics, pom pom and lacey trims and most probably start with a top similar to the white one I made for Chloe two years ago. Stay tuned!

* pom pom trim from Sugar Pink Boutique on Etsy

Monday, May 17

#3 {Blue Purple Pink}


The bag #3 has been finished (and sold) last week! main hues are blue, purple (lining) and pink. The pompom trim is a mix of blue and purple and compliments really well the rest. Beautifully hand embroidered with multi-coloured sequins, it is catching the light very well!

Thursday, May 13

On display

Wednesday, May 12

NEW! crochet wall deco

There are crochet table coasters that I have hand-embroidered with sequins. I have added a cute ribbon to allow you to hang it as a wall decoration. Playful, colorful and pretty!

available in my Etsy shop today!

#1 Inspiration board

Tuesday, May 11

In my notebook today

I have always had notebooks/ sketchbooks where I would keep records of what I like, what is inspiring me, and where I will compile ideas to develop later. To be honest I haven't done much in my notebook(s) in the past 4 years and one would wonder why. Time flies, doesn't it?
Perhaps the inspiration and intense pleasure {satisfaction} of doing it was gone; perhaps I was too busy with other things {reading other people's blogs, my growing family, my wedding} to even bother.
What's sure is that I am back on tracks and I will have plenty to share in the coming weeks! so stay tuned :p

Friday, May 7

# 2 {Blue Turquoise Orange}

"Nicole 2"

Wednesday, May 5

#1 {Brown Orange Gold}

"Nicole 1"

Starting all over again

I started making these bags many years ago back in 2003. They looked a bit different at that time but it was basically the same idea.

I enjoyed the process but got tired of it all in 2006 when I moved to Singapore (I had sold my sewing machine before leaving Japan too)... then took a long break looking after Chloe (and we moved to Thailand - where I bought a new sewing machine)... and now I am starting all over again.

I still had 5 net shopper bags left from the Japanese years* and so I decided 3 weeks ago to give it a try. I must say it is quite a sucess as they are all sold out already :)

The bags will be available in my Etsy shop as soon as I have more of them. In the meantime you can get an idea of what I have done in the past here. And of course you can let me know now if you are interested!

* 2004 - 2005

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