Thursday, April 14

Introduction to my embroidery book!

this is me holding my book for the first time

My lovely friends,

I may be one of the happiest person in the entire world right now, as my book, my very first book has been published here in Japan and will officially release on Friday, April 15 (tomorrow!). I received the first copies earlier this week. What an incredible feeling!

I had been sharing the process of making this book in February, with a few behind-the-scene pictures of our shooting in Tokyo (check out the post here), after which I got extremely busy writing all of the instructions and creating all the drawings for the how-to pages. Because, hey yeah, this is a DIY kind of book, where I share with the world how I create my accessories, the materials I used and a little bit of my story... This book is published here by my Japanese publisher, which of course means it's all in Japanese - I wrote it in English though. 

I was in charge of getting all my instructions translated, so I worked hard (and prayed even harder) to find the awesome people who were going to help make it happen. I set up a team of three translators and we accomplished the task of writing, drawing and translating 30 pages in just three weeks! My special thanks go to my supportive translation team: Nao Lincoln, Masako Yosano and Tomoko Nakayama, for their hard-work and dedication. You are amazing ladies!

I must also thank the initiator of this project, Mieko Akima-san, creative producer, founder & owner of the wonderful Gallery Palette. This book wouldn't been here without her massive initiative, support and creativity. All photographs in the book are the stunning work of Ayako Hachisu-san, while the graphic design was done by the talented designer Kaori Maehara-san. My DIY instructions translated into Japanese were edited by Masayo Ono-san, who also coordinated everything with the graphic designer. 

So, this book is the result of a beautiful teamwork between people with different backgrounds, nationalities and path of life. We didn't even have a common language as my Japanese is not very good, but somehow, we made it happen. If there is something to keep from this project, is that anything is possible if you are willing to work hard, be understanding and patient. 
Dream big, smile and stay positive!

Now let's have a peek into the book:

Update: How to order the book

  • If you are based in Japan, or if you can read Japanese
Get your copy via the publisher's website (click here); orders are processed by Amazon Japan.
  • International orders:

My international customers can order the book directly from me, the advantage is that they will receive a signed copy (please specify in your email if you DON'T want a signed copy). This is the current process:
1. Email me your email address and shipping address at marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com
2. I will send you a Paypal invoice within two working days after receiving your email 
3. Once your payment has been processed, I will mail you the book, usually within 1-3 days.

Cost: the book costs 
$22 -> $13 + $9 flat shipping rate (via airmail). 

If you have any question, feel free to email me at marie[at]etincellecreativestudio[dot]com. Thank you!


Now you may wonder what's coming next. I am happy to announce that I will spend the entire day on April 28 at the Tokyo Hobby Show, at Big Sight. You can find me at my sponsors' booths, which I will share with you later one. I will most probably write most of my updates on my (NEW) Facebook page, so follow me there if you want to know where to find me at the Hobby Show. Thank you!

This book was proudly supported by Toho Beads | Sunfelt | DMC

Read more about the book - the behind-the-scene and my sponsors in my previous blogspots: here and here.


Wednesday, March 16

Workshop at The Lace Center {Harajuku}

I held a lovely and intimate workshop at The Lace Center boutique in Tokyo last Tuesday. This cute little shop, located on the 2nd floor of a quaint red house in one of the narrow streets of Harajuku, specializes in laces from Japan and Europe. There is a big variety of lace items at various prices, mainly affordable, as well as a beautiful selection of clothes by Japanese label Miyaco. Our participants seemed to be enchanted and we had a wonderful time together. I am hoping to hold another workshop there soon, stay tuned!


〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前3-27-7 2F
Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo JAPAN
TEL. 03-6406-0740
FAX. 03-6406-0741
OPEN. 11:00-19:00 水曜日定休日
>>Google map

I caught sight of these gorgeous flowers at the nearby shop today, how beautiful are the details of the petals. Mother Nature is the best inspiration for me!

Thursday, March 10

Embroidery inspiration {Playtime Tokyo}

I wanted to share here on the blog the beautiful and inspiring work of French artist Aurélie Mathigot, who created a trend space for the last February edition of Playtime Tokyo. 
Aurélie focuses on the observation of the everyday objects, tweaking them with stunning embroideries, crochet and ceramic. The installation was named Frozen Landscapes and immersed the visitors into a very poetic atmosphere. I encourage you to check out her series of photographies printed on canvas and embroidered if you love embroideries & art!

Read my full report about Playtime Tokyo F/W 2016-17 on Paul & Paula - click here!

Wednesday, March 9

Playtime Tokyo report on Paul & Paula!

A quick note to invite you to check out my report on Playtime Tokyo now available on the international blog Paul & Paula. I am a contributor to this gorgeous online space focusing on kids fashion and lifestyle designs, and I am usually blogging about Japanese labels and the Tokyo design scene. Check out my latest blog post, click here!

illustration Anne Laval for Playtime

Monday, February 15

My first book - Part 1 - Shooting Days


My last blog post was just a month ago but it seems it was ages ago! So much has happened since then, ad so much work has been accomplished it was impossible for me to sign in and write an update. I felt the urge to blog today, as I can't possibly wait any longer to share some photos of the shooting of my book. It happened during the last week of January over three days and it took place at  Gallery Palette in Tokyo. 

What an experience!

We started on a Tuesday morning at 9:30am to end on the Thursday evening at 10:30pm, I was completely wiped out at the end of this exciting "marathon". We shot the book with photographer Ayako Hachisu-san, who was absolutely amazing. She even brought some of her vintage props as I was clearly short of items to style my products - big lesson here guys, shopping at the flea market is in order this summer when I will go back to France! 

Mieko Akima-san, founder and director of Gallery Palette, was of course part of the crew - this book project wouldn't even exist if it wasn't for her vision, hard work and wonderful support. She helped me a lot and guided me with the styling of each photo, it was quite overwhelming to at first to style in front of many people. You also go through moments when inspiration is striking, and then nothing seems to work out and frustration arises -> a break is needed!

Akima-san in action! 

 and more props...
 I was too excited to feel tired!!

 hello Hachisu-san!

 this was our ironing station...
 luckily we always stopped for a well-deserved lunch break, and our first lunch was home-cooked by Kaburagi-san, the person representing the publishing company. So delicious!

 The photographer being photographed!

 Smile Hachisu-san and Akima-san!

 in action...

I recreated my (ideal) working space at the gallery, it was really nice to focus on bringing together my favorite pieces and decorate table, walls and shelves. I aim to re-decorate my own space at home as well, it's a beautiful mess right now as I am working non-stop and don't take the time to organize materials and styling props and archive past projets.

This photo was taken the last day, shooting was almost over, I had not slept the previous night. 
Not sure how I could look decent with almost no make-up on (I am very bad at make-up!). I also wish I had been to the hairdresser for a haircut, oh well...

Since then I have been working as hard on the how-to pages of the book: the detailed instructions for all the projects included in the book - 30 pages that I am getting translated as I go. I have hired a team of three translators to get the work done. It's been nice working with a team actually, it feels less lonely ;-)

You can follow my progress on Instagram or Facebook, and if you want to learn more details about the book, just read the previous post (click here).

Thank you for your support!

Monday, January 18

My first DIY book!

Dear friends,

Time has come for me to announce you the wonderful project I am currently working on. I have been holding the news for quite a while, partly because I couldn't believe it was actually happening, and partly because of a lack of time and energy. 
I am now dedicating my entire time to this "secret" project, and going over deadlines after deadlines so it really feels like it's the right time to spill everything out!

Well, friends, I am currently working on my very first DIY accessory book, which will get published by a Japanese publisher (Tatsumi publishing) in April 2016!! It's amazing, exciting, fabulous, wonderful, crazy and fun -
BUT also extremely busy, tiring, stressful and quite hard (I am saying that I am going to give birth to my first book - haha).

I owe this great opportunity to my current agent-manager Mieko Akima, with whom I have collaborated in the past two years: first for the first three editions of Japanese craft magazine Tukutte, then for my last two exhibitions at Gallery Palette in Tokyo in 2015. I am working hand-in-hand with Akima-san to create this book, it's been a very rewarding experience and I have learnt a lot in the process - and I am still learning.

The book will officially launch at the end of April 2016 at the Tokyo Hobby Show. I will then hold my third exhibition with lots of workshops and of course you will be able to purchase the book and get it signed on the spot! It sounds wonderful, doesn't it?

I won't lie, it's a ton of work and I have extremely busy days and weeks ahead of me, but it's also an exciting "ride" and I am making sure to enjoy every moment of it! Will you tag along? The best way to follow my journey is to follow me on Instagram or Facebook where I post pictures daily. Here below are a few excerpts of my work for the book:

This is a quick look at my presentation table (after meeting, so it looks a bit messy) for the last big meeting we had last Friday. Everything got validated, so now I "just" have to finish all the pieces and prepare for the shooting which is taking place next week. I am also in charge of the styling of the shoot, so I must prepare my props and get ready for this performance - another first for me! 

As soon as the shoot will be over, I will start working on the sketches and instruction for each project. That alone is maybe the most daunting task ahead of me, as it will require drawing skills and the utmost precision to explain at clearly as possible how to realize the pieces on your own - once you have purchased the book. Wish me luck!

  • I am in charge of the content of the book, 
  • the styling of the photos 
  • as well as the redaction of all the process pages. 
  • the book will have 80 pages (including 64 pages in colors) 
  • roughly a B5 format (18 x 24cm)
  • it will launch at the 40th edition of the Hobby Show in Tokyo (April 28-30, 2016)
  • my 3rd exhibition will take place at Gallery Palette from May 17-22, 2016

I must also mention my amazing sponsors for this book, who are providing me with the very best materials available in the market: 
  • Toho Beads Japan : a worldwide famous Japanese company specializing in beads and craft materials. I am working with their beautiful beads, sequins (called spangles) and I will also use the chains, earring hooks, bracelet and brooch parts. See their online catalogue here. A super supportive team to work with, and definitely gorgeous products!

  • Sunfelt: a Japanese company specializing in felt. Last year I visited their showroom located in Eastern Tokyo, and it was heaven on Earth for felt lovers. Regular woolen felt in all colors, hard felt, punching felt, you name it! Their team is a dream to work with too, and I had my best tempura at a little family-owned restaurant nearby the showroom. Bliss!
  • DMC Japan: A renown French company born in the 18th century in Alsace, DMC is most known for their extended and beautiful embroidery threads. I personally use their Coton Perlé #8 a lot (I'm aiming to own each and every color of the collection!), and I am now getting addicted to their mouliné color variation - especially the very last collection which I had the privilege to use for the book. And again, their team is wonderful and a dream to work with (I am repeating myself, but I am blessed to be able to work with such supportive people).

So all I have to say now is:

(Thank you!)

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