Wednesday, May 27

Exhibition :: Le Jardin Secret {Part 1}

Using a lot of DMC's cotton perlé #8 in all colors...

Hello everyone,

It's been one entire month since my last post, and what a crazy month I have gone through. It was totally exhilarating and extremely exhausting at the same time. I managed to juggle hundreds of tasks - except updating the blog obviously, and I could only do it thanks to all the support received from my husband and friends. 

The exhibition week was an absolute delight, it was a dream come true. I met with many friendly and interesting people, got challenged a few times but everything ran rather smoothly. I taught several embroidery workshops, all successful and fun!

Here below are a few pictures of the "BEFORE" exhibition, and all the preps that were involved in the process. I created a wide range of products, from earrings to pendants, bracelets, brooches, necklaces and bags; the Mini Me dolls were part of the fun too ~
I was of course in charge of the set up and decoration of the gallery, which took me 2 days (approximately 10 hours). 

The day I received the DM was a Saturday and I was as excited as a little girl opening her birthday gift! I had worked on the art direction with Hiki of Uguisu who was in charge of the graphic design and my assistant Nao Lincoln who took the photo of the necklace and did all the Japanese translation.
We've received a lot of great comments about it, so I assume we did a great job :-)

My studio was in a constant mess during the weeks leading to the exhibition, as I was working on several products at the same time, switching and making progress slowly. Here above is one of the butterflies that was later on became a pendant.

One of the biggest mistake I made (and I have learnt from it) was to not complete each product straight away. I was finishing the embroidery but left the rest (such as the back with the brooch part) for later. As a result I had to complete all of the products at once and the last week before setting up. Nightmare!

I had a stock of handwoven Mexican baskets from trensa, and I customized a few pieces for this exhibition. Below is a before/ after using the biggest sequin I have; some bags were lined with colorful fabrics.

I had worked on three options for the workshops: a flower brooch, a bracelet or a flower pendant.
The brooch one was by far the most popular one! Below a photo of the workshop sample being completed.

Satisfaction hit me two weeks before the exhibition when I saw the amount of stock was slowly rising... There was still much work ahead though!

 the stock of earrings is slowly building up...

Two weeks before the exhibition, I call my friend Yoko to the rescue! I need her precious help to make the paper flowers for the two light garlands. We arranged playdates so that our kids can play while Yoko works and I continue creating my accessories. In total: 48 paper flowers! 
The result is stunning, so it was completely worth it!

 the materials for the paper garlands...

I created three necklaces in total - I still have plenty of color combinations in mind but I have no time to work on such huge pieces right now. I juts want to say that they look very nice and surely enough make a statement!

 Brooch, earrings and necklaces...

 one of my favourite pieces!

finished bracelets, brooch and Mini Me doll

current wall decoration in my living room; the word "merci" is from Bcbasics
a fabulous online shop that has been supporting me!

I started working on this project in January 2015 and by March I was dedicating 100% of my time to the exhibition. I had clearly under-evaluated the tremendous amount of work requested, although unexpected events happened along the way in my personal life that sank my schedule and its deadlines. Lesson learnt!

I am preparing the Part 2 of this series of posts which will be all about the exhibition itself... 
Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 25

Solo Exhibition & Embroidery Workshops

Hello Friends,

I shared with you recently the exciting news about my first solo exhibition (ever) which will take place in Tokyo in May (in two weeks!). The project has been in the pipeline since last Christmas, and I have been working on it intensively ever since. 
I will present my embroidery work - a line of colourful and shiny accessories such as earrings, bracelets, necklaces, bags and baskets, as well as showcasing past & present party decoration items, decor... and more. It's an amazing chance to present my work and all what I love doing and I am working really hard right now to make it happen. So here are the details you all want to know:

Title: Le Jardin Secret de Marie 
Date: May 11- 16, 2015
Time: from 11am to 7pm (last day until 4pm)

Location: Gallery Palette, 4-17-22 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Tel & Email: 03-3402-0234 or

It's good to remind you all about the exhibition - mark down your calendars if you are in Tokyo, but today's post is more about the workshops that I will be giving during the exhibition. If you are a subscriber of my newsletter (not yet? click here to subscribe), you have received all the info last weekend, and hopefully already booked your spot! 

There will be three afternoon sessions and 6 spots for each session. You can choose from three projects: a flower brooch, a bracelet or a flower pendant. Each session will last 2-3 hours and should be very enjoyable. You will spend the afternoon with like-minded people in a relaxing atmosphere, with music, laughter and refreshments at the end!

Now on to the details - they apply for all workshops:

Dates: May 13 (Wed), 14 (Thu), 15 (Fri)
Time: 2-4pm (5pm if you choose the flower brooch)
Gallery Palette, 4-17-22 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo 107-0062
Fee: 4,000yen (+tax)

How to book? you can book your spot by emailing Gallery Palette ( You can also email me at, or reach me on Instagram or Facebook.

Project 1 // Flower brooch
In this project you will embroider a delicate and colorful flower that will be mounted as a brooch. You will use sequins of various colours for the petals and beads for the center of the flower. This project requires patience and concentration and should be completed within three hours. Feel free to take longer if necessary!


Flower brooches

Project 2// Bracelet
In this project you will create a bracelet starting from a lace base and using sequins and beads. You will follow the pattern of the lace and of course the instruction to create the embroidery and your very own bracelet. This project may be the easiest of all three, and should be completed within two hours. Feel free to take longer if necessary!



Project 3 // Flower pendant
In this project you will embroider a delicate flower in the colour of your choice using exclusively 4mm sequins. The size of the sequins represents the main difficulty of this project. This project requires patience and concentration but should be completed within two hours. Feel free to take longer if necessary!


Flower pendants

Again all the details regarding the workshops:

Dates: May 13 (Wed), 14 (Thu), 15 (Fri)
Time: 2-4pm (5pm if you choose the flower brooch)

LocationGallery Palette, 4-17-22 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo 107-0062

Fee: 4,000yen (+tax)

How to book? you can book your spot by emailing Gallery Palette ( You can also email me at, or reach me on Instagram or Facebook.

At the time of writing this post, there are only 10 spots left, so if you are interested in joining me in May, book your spot today ~ thank you!


開催日 : 5月13日(水)、14日(木)、15日(金)*
時間 : 14:00-16:00
参加費 : 4000円(キット代込み、税別) 
定員 : 1回につき6名


[お申し込み先]ギャラリー パレット
Tel&Fax 03-3402-0234

Le Jardin Secret de Marie 
May 11- 16, 2015
from 11am to 7pm (last day until 4pm)

Gallery Palette, 4-17-22 Minami Aoyama, Minato Ku, Tokyo 107-0062

03-3402-0234 or

2015.05.11 Mon - 05.16 Sat


  • Gallery Palette
  • 東京都港区南青山4-17-22 TZビル
  • 銀座線・千代田線・半蔵門線「表参道駅」A4出口から徒歩8分
  • 銀座線「外苑前駅」1a出口から徒歩10分
  • A4出口を左に行く→PRADAのところを左に曲がる→旧ホテルフロラシオン青山を越えて一本目の右の坂道を下る→閑静な住宅地を100メートルほど歩いた右側にある

Monday, April 13

Rainy Spring Day in Tokyo

 On the way to the park...

Good morning from Tokyo!

Last Saturday I missed my morning yoga class - I had a bad night and started the day in the wrong mood, and ended up spending an hour and a half at the park instead, alone in my rain boots & coat. We've had so much rain lately in Tokyo that it starts to affect me and my productivity at work too. I realised though that rainy days can be quite beautiful too, and it was very refreshing to spend some time at the park just wandering around and reflecting about things that are happening at the moment. Spring is my favorite season and I have fond memories from my childhood of our weekly Sunday hikes with my family all year round - something I didn't always enjoy doing, truth be told. In Spring my dad would emphasize how fresh and energetic the forest would look in her brand new green coat of leaves. It felt pretty special indeed!

It's raining again today, but I am happy it's Monday. I wish you a beautiful week ahead, and I hope that Spring has arrived in your part of the world. Make sure you take some time to admire nature's gift to you!

A little stroll at Tamagawadai park, Tokyo, April 2015

Photos Marie Maglaque - All rights reserved

Saturday, April 4

NEWS :: A Solo Exhibition in Tokyo in May!

Lovely friends, 

There are so many things happening at once at the moment that I am getting (slightly) overwhelmed! It's finally time to announce you the greatest news - something I have been working on since Christmas: I will have my first ever solo exhibition in Japan this coming May!

To say that I am excited doesn't really reflect the reality; I am alternatively excited, scared, delighted, nervous, enthusiastic, feverish, joyful, ecstatic, focused, thrilled... the list goes on. I am definitely under pressure though!

I am presenting a series of embroidered accessories - from earrings to necklaces, bracelets, brooches and bags, and the theme is of course around flowers. We named the exhibition "Le Jardin Secret de Marie" [The Secret Garden of Marie] with a reference to the best-seller "The Secret Garden" by Frances Hodgson Burnet. Every single piece is hand-embroidered by yours truly so you may call it a labor of love - and passion. To stay true to myself, it will all be colourful and shiny with exquisite details and delightful color combinations. 

The exhibition will take place at the newly launched Gallery Palette in Minami-Aoyama (a short walk from Omotesando station) in May 2015. I will be present every day at the gallery and also give a series of workshops on May 13 (Wed), 14 (Thu) and 15 (Fri) in the afternoon -> more coming later on, once all the details are finalised and made available on the website of Gallery Palette. 
Please drop by to say hi and have a little chat!

DM design by Hiki of Uguisu

Le Jardin Secret de Marie
at Gallery Palette, Tokyo
May 11 to 16, 2015 
from 11am to 7pm
*last day until 4pm

You can check and like the Facebook page of Gallery Palette to keep in touch with the exhibition schedule (there are two exhibitions happening before mine) and sign up for the workshops.

I am so looking forward to meeting you there!

xx Marie

Photography / Nao Lincoln
Design / Hiki of Uguisu
Creative direction / Marie Maglaque

Monday, March 30

NEWS :: Contributing to Paul et Paula


How have you been? I was kind of busy (and still is) as my parents are currently visiting us and I am also working on a very special project - more on this later this week.

Today I am really super happy to announce you that I will start contributing to international Kids / Design / Lifestyle blog Paul et Paula. I will report every month on the kids scene here in Tokyo and I am excited to get started soon!

If you design or own a kids fashion label, or if you are a distributor, if you have a shop or if you run kids events in Tokyo feel free to get in touch with me and let's talk about it!

Happy week to my lovely readers 

Thursday, March 12



Now you can see what has kept me busy since the last cookie decoration workshops and the Playtime trade show! I have put my two hands to good use and came up with new embroidered accessories, such as the necklace featured in this blogpost. Now think that my Grand-Mother was desperate when I was a little girl, complaining I would never been able to sew even a simple button! 

I will unveil by the end of the month the reason why I am working so hard now, stay tuned!

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